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  I used this electric protein shaker bottles for the first time because I was also used to drinking substitute milkshakes and protein powder. I always used shaker cups before. This time, I was invited to evaluate this electric blender shaker and found how inefficient the manual shaker cups were before.

  In the past, shaking with milkshake powder and stirring with spoon could not solve the problem of powdery agglomeration and wall sticking. It was difficult to clean every time. This electric blender water bottle was beyond my expectation. I tested it with the milkshake powder I usually drink. The mixing was very delicate, no slag and no wall sticking. The key is to save time and effort. The mixing was completed in more than ten seconds, The drinking port is also designed carefully. You can use it directly against the tap. After drinking, the cup body is very clean. It solves the problem that you can’t wash and shake the cup for a long time. It is designed for lazy people to charge electric energy and stir it about 20 times. The only bad thing is that the charging line is only about 40 cm. If you can design it longer, it will be more convenient to charge.

  The sports shaker bottle works well without leakage. The marking of ounces and milliliters is helpful to make measurement easier. One suggestion for users is to add protein powder at the end.

  Over the years, I have often used protein and tried different brands according to the availability, taste and transaction I found. Each brand and taste has different degrees of mixability, and most of them will cause a lot of caking when shaking in ordinary bottles.

  The built-in high-speed rotating motor of the electric protein shaker bottle makes the portable electric protein shaker bottle stir very well both in speed and solubility. Although it is often stirred with cold water, there is no need to worry about caking, because the electric shaker bottle is mixed evenly. The base of the personalized protein shaker bottle is detachable and the diameter of the cup mouth is relatively large, so it is particularly convenient to clean.