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  I bought this electric shaker specially for stirring protein milkshakes, because I’m tired of my old GMC milkshakes. Shaker bottle will inevitably leave hard lumps in every milkshake I make. This thing eliminates almost all lumps and provides a smooth texture. So far, I only use it with almond bovine cheese protein or ordinary protein, and the effect is very good.

  Protein powder shaker bottle is also easy to clean. I just fill about 3 / 4 of the protein shake blender with warm water, open the electric shaker bottle and add detergent. Eddie actually did most of the work for me. I doubt I can go back to the ordinary shaker at this point.

  So I’ve been using a popular protein shake brand, but my biggest problem is that I always forget an electric protein shaker that can mix water and protein. Not only that, some flavors are always a little caked. After reading the comments, because this vortex mixer is new, I decided to give it a try. Some complaints are about charging problems and vortex cup power failure. Now, if the battery is dead, surprisingly, the protein shake blender will power off, just like when the battery is in Fritz state to save power, your mobile phone screen will darken. I don’t have any charging problems. Make sure I do this before the battery runs out. Whenever I do this, we will restore our full strength! If you lose a little charm, it’s no big deal, because protein mixer bottle electric can still play a role. Electric shaker bottle does leave very small residues on the side of the powder. Personally, I don’t think it’s a big problem.

  The explanation is simple. Please make sure you follow them. I also know that this protein shake is not a blender. The anime shaker bottle is not equipped with chopped fruit or frozen food and all the blades required by happy jazz. Since I first saw these mixers in 2014, I have always been skeptical of electric shaker bottle. Then, the vortex blender botles were powered by two AA batteries, and I realized that some models still did. I began to suspect that the reason was the power supply problem and the quality and structure of the mixer. This mixer looks cheap. I don’t know how long the small parts connecting the motor and the mixer can last. Well, this special mixer is great because the electric shaker bottle is rechargeable. The mixer is still the same. It still looks very cheap, but I have to say that I have used it for nearly a week and there is no sign of giving up. If you follow the instructions, the electronic blender bottle will mix well. The cover is as fit and secure as the motor housing. The whole mixing container is also very strong. Easy to clean, beautiful appearance.