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  This Portable Blender bottle is great, but in terms of mixing, laughing loudly is cool. In most cases, I really don’t have any lumps. Maybe there will be a small lump every once in a while. It’s been used for a week (once a day) and hasn’t been charged yet, so the battery life is very long.

  In fact, it’s not difficult to clean up. I threw some soap into it, then opened the small electric blender bottle, cleaned it quickly (removed the battery), and then threw it into the dishwasher.

  This is a powder mixer, not a mixer. My favorite way is to use it with protein powder. Well mixed, no big protein powder. You just need to mix for a few seconds. You pour the liquid into the blender, turn on the personalized electric blender bottle to produce a vortex, and then add the powder, that’s it! This is how the electric shaker bottle works. It only takes a few seconds, otherwise it may cause your drink to form. If you need it, pour it into a glass with ice. Every friend of mine has been to my house or seen me use the electric shaker bottle in the gym. They all bought one. Read the instructions. Do not enlarge fruit or ice.

  I bought battery powered protein shaker because I wanted a better way to mix my previous sports, because I didn’t like shaking the protein shake blender or scooping the electric shaker bottle. The original version bought in 2016 is pretty good. The electric shaker bottle is better than the vibrator, but the electric shaker bottle eats AAA batteries crazily. A few years later, I bought an upgraded rechargeable battery, and bam changed the rules of the game. The effect is very good. I may charge it once a week and use it for 5-6 days a week, depending on what I’m doing. Anyway, I finally decided to buy a new device, because my original Portable Blender bottle Walmart began to leak in 2016 (please refer to my original picture and the picture of the new protein shake blender).

  This new voltrx premium electric protein shaker bottle is a major upgrade. I think my old device works well when it is fully charged, but this new device is more powerful. At least I think so. The electric shaker bottle is packed in a beautiful box, and the design is much better than the old version. If it makes sense, it feels good. As long as you only use powder mixture instead of ice or fruit, this should be useful to you. I hope I can get another five years or more from this new portable electric protein shaker.