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  Miixr electric shaker bottle is perfect for meal substitutes and protein shakes. It is much better than the old fashon spoon, because the electric shaker bottle can keep the powder from caking. It’s also much easier than cleaning the mixer. Remember, this is not about chopping or crushing ice. In addition, for some people and my own problems, I have used the electric shaker bottle for about 2 months, and the Portable Blender bottle has not been leaked once, so the quality must be good

  I was very skeptical at first, but voltrx electric shaker bottle actually mixed my protein shake perfectly. My protein will never mix completely before I use the manual shake bottle, so this is a good way to save time. I hope my will last a long time

  Like the best electric shaker bottle, just press the button to perfectly mix my tonic! There is no need to stir with a spoon or caking. The most important thing is that electric shaker bottle can make your milkshake taste better! The only thing I don’t like about this product is that the shaker bottle doesn’t include a handle or some type of strap, so I can carry electric shaker in the gym or on the road. The charging time is a little slow, but it’s pretty good.

  The quality of this product is unparalleled. I’ve tried almost all vibrators, and this is on the top. Very easy to clean. Even the refill cup is cleverly designed. Some cups are attached to the bottom, so that the vibrating screen is too large to be put into the bag. This is in the cup! Great electric shaker machine as a whole!